About Us

Hi, I’m Rachel – and this is my best friend Hudson. Welcome to Trails and Paws!

I have been a dog walker for since 2021, specialising in walking Cockapoos, Cavapoos, Cocker Spaniels and all other ‘poo’ breeds. I love my job; I have the best office view in the world, I love spending my days outdoors, meeting other dog walkers and owners, and best of all spending my day surrounded by dogs!

Having owned dogs since I was a child and then being trusted to walk my customers’ lovely dogs (thank you!), I have interacted with dogs of all temperaments, shapes, and sizes. I have also spent time learning about dogs by doing dog behaviour courses, canine first aid and reiki too. Along the way I have gained so much knowledge about dogs, dog walking, dog equipment… and this is what has encouraged me to set up Trails and Paws.

I am supported by business partner, who alongside having lots of business experience has owned dogs for over 20 years. She has lots of tales of training puppies, practicing recall, hoping the dogs will come back, getting dragged round the streets by an exuberant puller … we’ve all been there! Together, Hannah and I have turned our friendship into a business partnership, supported each other and made our business ideas a reality!

Trails and Paws is an online community for dog walkers. Our shop is filled with quality, affordable dog walking essentials, such as leads and long lines, and our socials are filled with doggo pictures. What more could you want?!  

Well actually, Trails and Paws does give you more! I have created a facebook group called 'Join the Pack'. On this I have created a forum for discussions on how to set up and manage a dog walking business and I provide hints and tips on how to make your dog walks fun, safe and carefree.  Don’t forget to 'Join the Pack!'

All the products Trails and Paws sell have been developed by dog walkers and then tried and tested on multiple dogs from massive doodles and playful labradors to mini cavapoos and puppies. Some of the dogs I walk are nervous or reactive and they have lent a paw to help me with the testing process too.

Trails and Paws is just getting started and more products will be on their way. Follow our socials or send an email to say hi – Join the Pack!